About Us

Bekki & Laura have been involved in the world of equestrian for many years between them & are still as passionate about it as they were at the very beginning. Bekki is the owner of Seven Stars Equestrian (for over 20 years) which is very popular riding school & also the newly formed Equine Escapes which is a “not for profit” organisation offering horse whispering & equine assisted therapy sessions along with many other services used by local councils & other organisations requiring this kind of support. Laura has had horses from a young age & more recently introduced her daughter to the equine world. Both Bekki & Laura have dealt with everything from mud fever to ulcers, wind sucking to serious behavioural issues, bombproof ponies to the slightly crazy mare but have loved it all. We also both prefer the happy plodder these days as opposed to the competing days!

The reason for setting up Pony and Horse is to hopefully serve the wonderful equine community with value for money products, along with those items that can be difficult to source. We will also be supporting Equine Escapes as part of our commitment to improving the world with animals.

Bekki (left) & Laura (right) on unlucky floor 13 but out of horse wear for once!