Saddle Pads & Fly Veils

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Rhinegold Comfort Saddle Pad

Cotton Quilted Shaped 'Under' Saddle Pad, Fully Lined With Faux Fur And Trimmed Edges For A Luxury L..

£12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50

Rhinegold Fly Mask With Ears

The Rhinegold fly mask with ear coverage provides an effective barrier from flies as the material is..

£13.50 Ex Tax: £13.50

Rhinegold Quilted Saddle Cloth With Twin Binding

Traditional quilted saddle cloth with contrasting colour piping.BlackNavyWhite..

£13.50 Ex Tax: £13.50

Rhinegold Real Sheepskin Wither Pad Saddle Cloth

Top quality cotton saddle cloth with the finest Sheepskin wither pad. Small quilting design gives th..

£30.50 Ex Tax: £30.50

Rhinegold Wave Saddle Pad

This saddle pad features a cotton outer, wave stitching pattern and wickable waffle fabric lining. W..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £14.00